Olive Wooden Spoon (Spiral Handle)
Olive Wooden Spoon (Spiral Handle)
Olive Wooden Spoon (Spiral Handle)
Olive Wooden Spoon (Spiral Handle)

Olive Wooden Spoon (Spiral Handle)

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The Perfect Tea Spoon for the perfect cup of tea

Natural Handmade Kitchen Tea/Coffee Spoon Olive Wood Spiral handle - Valentines Christmas Anniversary Gift - Eco friendly from Kenya

This beautifully handcrafted spoon are made from Olive wood and tipped with natural cow bone handle(beaded handle). Cow bone and olive tree are very strong and durable thus this set will last you for life. *SOLD SINGLY*

 This spoon is uniquely designed and thoroughly polished by our artisans, to give it a stunning look. It is natural and no colors are added. The color of spoon might slowly change to a deeper color after several usage but that is natural. 
Material: 100% Olive Wood and cow bone handle.
100% Natural
Dimensions: About 7.5" long
Designs on the handles may vary as no two pieces are the same. There are variation in size and color.
*Care Instructions: 
Hand wash only in warm water and dry promptly. Apply a light coat of oil before storage to keep the wood conditioned.

*Our spoons are made from exceed wood in Kenya and no new trees were cut. 


Kamba artisans in Kenya hand carve this appealing tea measuring spoon from wild olive wood, a slow-growing tree with beautifully grained wood. The handle is adorned with a beaded handle.  Handcrafted and elegant, this Perfect Tea Spoon is the essential tea tool. Measuring out just the right amount of tea for your perfect cup, it makes brewing up your favorite Asami tea simple.