From our partners in Africa


Delve into the diverse and exquisite flavors of Africa, one cup at a time.

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Elevate your culinary creations with the pure decadence of our African cacao.

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Delve into the diverse and exquisite flavors of Africa, one cup at a time.

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Our Mission

We source Africa's best products from the farmers and their farms to benefit both the people who craft our products and our customers. Asami is working to forge a different path for small farmers in Africa. We are on a mission to build a marketplace for small farmers.


Our Values

Commitment to nature, respect for people, communities and cultures. Our teas are grown without pesticides, herbicides, organically whenever possible, harvested by hand, processed/dried naturally and transported directly to preserve freshness. No teabags with bleaches, glues and micro-plastics that waste precious resources for single use.

Our Ingredients

Ethically sourced and grown solely on the African soil, blended and packaged to the highest international standards. We travel through Africa in search of unique tea gardens and the skilled men and women who craft the finest specialty tea. We are on a solo journey in bringing authentic and rare African tea flavors to the world.

Our Purpose

Give back and give thanks positively impacting African farmers and artisans. Our farmers craft valuable tea in exchange for a better price. Better prices bring better wages and infrastructure. We set our partner farmers up to export their own product for the first time.

Direct Campaign

We’re continuing to expand our tea and cacao program, and creating spaces for consumers to learn about where product comes from and the people who grow them. Our direct trade campaign connects our customers with the rich stories and the farmers behind some of our most popular teas and cacao products.

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