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100's of

health benefits

in every cup.

Asami combines tea and functional herbs based on African traditions which are known to be functional, beneficial, and great tasting.


Asami specialty teas are specifically curated to support overall wellness.


Our adaptogenic tea blends aid in healthy routine, help with inflammation, healthy digestion, and cleansing, manage energy level to include aid in sleep, release stress, and empower your day.

* Reduce your risk for stroke by 70% 

* Reduce your flu

risk by 75% 

* Reduce your stress

and anxiety 

This tea is amazing! Every single blend has something different to offer, and makes

every tea worth trying.

Morgan Waldner

I love the tea it boost my energy. I tried the Zimbabwe Hearts. Thank you for selling such good teas.

Lorraine Pemba

Taste so good! Makes me feel even better! Honestly best tea out there!

Kayla Storlie

This is hands down the best tea I’ve ever had! The aroma is great and the taste is A1. I can’t wait to try the other flavors!! I’ll definitely recommend.

Gloria Appiah-Danquah

Blends of luxury, Sips of wellness