Safari African Tea Box | Herbal Infusion Assortment

Safari African Tea Box | Herbal Infusion Assortment

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A box filled with our best sellers and brewing basket. Discover 3 thoughtfully selected variants of our best herbal teas, brimming with unique flavors and natural ingredients. This loose-leaf sampler offers a diverse and satisfying tea experience that transcends the ordinary. 

Share the gift of herbal tea, a gift that of health and well-being. Our herbal tisanes, or infusions are naturally caffeine-free, healthful blends of dried flowers, roots, leaves, seeds and fruits used for centuries to enhance well-being. 


Asami Safari Tea Assortment Variety Gift Set | Premium African Gourmet Tea Collection | 100% Natural Loose-Leaf Teas 10.8oz (306.2 grams) |Caffeine Free Tea Assortment with Brewing basket | 3 Teas | Gluten-Free, Whole Loose-Leaf Teas - Assorted Herbal Tea Variety Pack | Premium Gift Box, Herbal Tea Gift Set.


Immerse The Herbal Tea Leaves in Boiled Water For 5-7 Mins. Best Enjoyed on Its Own or Sugar as Per Taste. Sip Your Everyday Tea and Savor the Unique Flavor and Aroma.


10% of our revenue is redirected towards the education of our African farmers children with our social initiative.