Meet Juliana Ayrakwa

Meet Juliana Ayrakwa
Meet Juliana Ayrakwa. Inspired as a young girl watching her father farm, Aunty Julie is now 57 years old,and has been part of the Oworam farming team for 5 years.

Both a mother and grandmother , Aunty Julie takes great pride in how much stronger she has become over her years of farming cocoa. Taking us through her average day,it is clear that Aunty Julie is no ordinary 57-year old.
Up at 6am, she cleans the house, cooks for the family, leaves for the farm by 7:30am, does her day’s work till 4pm , heads home, prepares supper , spends time with the family before retiring for bed.!

“[Cocoa farming] has strengthened my bones so much that I work like a 40-year old even though I’m nearing 60!”, she says.

Aunty Julie encourages Ghana’s youth to get involved in farming. Specifically, she urges them to gain access to farmland, rally reliable workers to join them and ultimately keep our cocoa heritage alive.
Kudos to Aunty Julie ! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾