Meet Alice Ganisha

Meet Alice Ganisha
Meet Alice Ganisha, a small holder farmer who grows and harvests our beautiful hibiscus that is used in our blends. Alice has one child and has been growing tea for 25 years on her small farm land.

This red hibiscus is grown by small holder farmers like Alice around Africa and harvested between June and September. The small holders carefully remove the bright red calyx of the Hibiscus flower by hand. Afterwards the flowers are sun dried, handled with care, then shipped to us. The flavor is full of love.

The infusion has a deep ruby-red infusion with a fresh sour and sweet taste, that is very refreshing. Rich in vitamin C, red hibiscus is ascribed with a long list of beneficial health properties if consumed regularly.

Hibiscus not only tastes good, but is a heart-healthy friend. Consumed three times a day, this flower is clinically-proven to lower blood pressure, help even sugar and lipid levels, and is packed with antioxidants — which fight free radicals, boost immunity, and protect brain function.

We offer our hibiscus in bulk through our wholesale section of the website. 

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