Meet Akua Saganagu

Meet Akua Saganagu
Meet Akua Saganagu a 49yr old farmer at one of our Cocoa farms. Madam Akua has been working as a Cocoa farmer for 30years! She narates in her own words what inspired her to farm "I started farming since I got married about 30yrs ago. My husband was a farmer so I automatically joined him since I didn't have any other thing to do."
*A usual day in her life as a farmer*
She wakes up before 6am everyday, does house chores, cooks for her husband and the children, helps them get ready for school and  goes to the farm before 8am. She comes back home about 4pm and retires to bed before 10pm.
*Motivation for cocoa farming*
Madam Akua enjoys farming Cocoa and this is what she has to say about it, "Cocoa is grown alongside other crops like plantain, cassava, etc. What gives me joy is we never run out of food. We get to sell some of the produce and eat some also. My family and I never go hungry" and harvesting of cocoa beans brings income to the family.
*Challenges she faces as a Cocoa Farmer*
" Farming on a cocoa farm is very difficult. There are a lot of processes involved before you finally harvest your cocoa. Inspite of all this, seeing the crops grow healthy and producing good fruits brings me utmost joy".