Perfect Tea Gifts for Perfect Dads, Pick Your Fathers’ Day Gift from Asami

Perfect Tea Gifts for Perfect Dads, Pick Your Fathers’ Day Gift from Asami

Father’s day 2022 is just a few weeks away, and many of you have surely picked & ordered the perfect gifts for your perfect dads by now! If you have ordered a gift already, here’s a little idea to express some extra love for your tea-loving dads. On the other hand, if you are still scrambling to find the perfect gift, think no more & pick a tea!

Fathers are all about strength, support, caring, and protection. So how are we going to pick a perfect gift to express our gratitude for their unconditional love and support? Well, here’s what we can do. Let’s gift them with the healthiest beverages on the planet! Yes, tea is the healthiest natural beverage on the planet, and at Asami, we’ve made it not only healthy but delicious as well. So, regardless of whether your father is a tea lover or not, these tea gifts would surely lift him up with the correct strength and mood. Our mission here is simple. We will find a tea that works best for your Dad's personality and preference. 

We’ve got a fairly diverse collection of tea gifts, and you wouldn't be disappointed. 

  • African Solstice Tea Box: This perfect gift set combines three of the most delicious teas verities from our collection namely; Madagascar Dream, Namibia Nights & Cederberg Sunset. These are so refreshing with their caffeine-free yet detoxing and relaxing ingredients. For Dads who are constantly involved with heavy and stressful tasks, these teas are ideal relaxers to unwind their day. 


  • All Black African Tea Box: Bold & invigorating, this energy-packed black tea collection is for your Dad’s morning cuppa. The collection combines three of the most demanded black teas from our collection namely, Rwandan Black tea, Ashanthi Cocoa, and Mozambique Breeze. Fully packed with caffeine and many other energizing ingredients, these teas are ideal for preparing breakfast teas as well as other milk teas. It’s all about waking up, energizing, and setting the right mood for the day. He’s going to love this pick! 


  • Tropical Oasis African Tea Box: A box full of health and wellness. It’s a collection of tea & healing herbs, so your Dad can have the privilege to choose from both caffeinated and caffeine-free versions depending on his mood. This premium collection includes a few of the most cherished African tea versions namely, Colorful Arusha, Tumoi Purple tea, and Diani Beach Detox. The overall properties of these teas are focused on detoxing & revitalizing, and there is no other better way to uncover African wellness secrets than these teas.  




  •  Sahara Box: Representing pure essences of African soils, this gift box combines black tea, white tea, and many other tisanes in the most delicious form. Each tea presents a robust yet flavorsome cuppa, helping busy Dads to gain their day’s energy. Lake Malawi Tranquillity, Calabar Carnival, and Maravi Breakfast teas are the jewels that come in this gift box to make it a uniquely diverse gift. Truly divine and flavorsome! 


  • Cocoa House: Well, not every Dad loves tea, but who wouldn’t love to enjoy the flavor shades of Cocoa? Here’s our most authentic Cocoa collection representing the rich flavors of African soils. This iconic gift box comprises Ashanti Cocoa, Cacao Brew, and Cacao Shell Tea directly from the origin. It’s an energy-packed and nutritious beverage option for Dads who seek quick energy boosts within their hard-working schedule. 

  • Safari Box: This sensational tea gift is for adventurous Dads. Each sip is a new adventure, while individual ingredients signify the subtlety of each blend. Safari box combines three of the most delicious tea types namely, Lion Sleeps Tonight, Oduduwa, and Luxor Lemon. With prominent cleansing and detoxing properties, this pack can uplift your Dad's health and wellness.


Well, this concludes how the Asami gift collection can become a meaningful present for your father on this father's day. Simply, the gift of health and wellness would beat any other expensive gifts that you have planned in your mind, because every Dad deserves the best gifts from nature. So let's not make it too complicated, and it's time to pick your perfect gift! Happy father’s day folks!