Herbal Tea: The Healthy Not Tea

Herbal Tea: The Healthy Not Tea

Let’s talk about Herbal Tea.

Colorful Arusha Tea Blend

Let’s start by answering the very question on your lips as you sip all that deliciousness. Is herbal tea, tea?

Well, just as coconut milk or oat milk or even almond milk is not milk, herbal tea is not tea. Let’s think of it as an infusion; we can all however, agree it is just easier to call it tea; right? Herbal tea was not just discovered in this generation; infusion of varieties of flowers, roots, barks, vegetables, spices, herbs, fruits and other florae is ancient ethos which has been used for wellness and treatment of many an ailment. Herbalists in Africa and other parts of the world have for centuries steeped both single estate and complex blends to make hot or cold drinks for physical and mental welfare.

Will herbal tea keep me up at night?

The icing on the cake is that, herbal tea can be enjoyed anytime of the day because most of them are naturally caffeine free. Fun favorites include rooibos, hibiscus, chamomile, lavender, mint, ginger and lemon grass. Asami’s highest rated herbal tea, Colorful Arusha aka Blood Orange is a vibrant color with orange citrus flavor fused with warm spices and a hit of cinnamon, rosehips and turmeric for a refreshing delicious summer drink. Do take a peek at our Herbal tea collection.