Tropical Oasis Box
  • Tropical Oasis Box

    The box is full of wellness, health and happiness + Wooden Spoon


    Asami Wellness Tea Assortment Variety Gift Set | Premium African Gourmet Tea Collection | 100% Natural Loose-Leaf Teas 6.2oz | Caffeinated and Non-caffeinated Assortment with Kenyan Tea Scoop Gift Set


    This curated collection of 3 healthy, better-for-you tea assortment is the perfect gift bundle with both caffeinated and non-caffeinated wellness tea options along with our Kenyan olive wooden tea scoop making the best gift for any occasion and season.

    • Lion Sleeps Tonight

      Asami The Lion Sleeps Tonight | 100% Natural Premium African Gourmet Wellness Tea | 15 Loose Leaf Pyramid Tea Bags 37.5g/1.3oz: Calm and sleep inducing, soft and soothing, floral with lemon character is our dozy chamomile tea blend. This infusion tastes as good as it looks. The chamomile base balances the aromatic notes of chamomile flower with the floral scents from lavender, and takes calm to a whole new level with the addition of Valerian root. Calorie free and caffeine free tea suited for relaxation and bedtime. Ingredients: Chamomile, valerian root, lavender, lemon myrtle, organic hibiscus

    • Diani Beach Detox

      Asami Diani Beach Detox | 100% Natural Premium African Gourmet Wellness Tea | 15 Loose Leaf Pyramid Tea Bags 37.5g/1.3oz: Detox that is African inspired which will give you a healthy balance from inside. Herbaceous with hints of warming spices. Earthy, well balanced, delicious and cleansing. Enjoy this cleansing feel of the perfect waters of Diani Beach, Kenya. Ingredients: Dandelion root, nettle, ginger, lemongrass, purple green tea, Honeybush, moringa, cardamom, coriander, licorice root, sage

    • Colorful Arusha

      Asami Colorful Arusha | 100% Natural Premium African Gourmet Herbal Tea | 100g/3.5oz Loose Leaf Tea: Vibrant color with flavorful orange citrus similar to blood orange fused with warm spices and a slightly tart character. The cinnamon, rosehips and turmeric give it an extra flavor boost and elevation like Arusha, Tanzania making it a great beverage that you'll be reaching for all summer long. Who can resist this color? This tea is calorie free, caffeine free and is known for its antioxidants - making for a wonderfully soothing and beneficial drink at any time. Ingredients: Cinnamon, natural flavor, rosehips, hibiscus, turmeric, orange peel


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