Namibia Nights
  • Namibia Nights

    Moringa with warming ginger spice and hints of cinnamon. Lemony fresh with a balance of mint and sweetness.


    * = Organic Ingredients


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    • Ingredients

      *Ginger, *cinnamon, *moringa, *lemon myrtle,* spearmint, *sage *organic

    • Perfect Brewing Instructions

      One teaspoon (approx. 3g) for 8oz of water. Steep at 195oF for 5 minutes (adjust based on your taste preference). Just turn your kettle off before boiling if you don't have a temperature controlled kettle.

    • Caffeine

      Contains no caffeine

    • Food Pairing

      Pairs exceptionally well with steak. It also goes with fried and spicy foods, as it cuts nicely through the oil/spices, as well as being great to drink throughout the day on its own.

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