Olive Wooden Spoon (Pattern Handle)
  • Olive Wooden Spoon (Pattern Handle)

    The Perfect Tea Spoon for the perfect cup of tea.


    Kamba artisans in Kenya hand carve this appealing tea measuring spoon from wild olive wood, a slow-growing tree with beautifully grained wood. The handle is adorned with bleached cow bone, hand carved to resemble the antlers of savanna Antelopes like the Topi, Gazelle and Waterbuck. Handcrafted and elegant, this Perfect Tea Spoon is the essential tea tool. Measuring out just the right amount of tea for your perfect cup, it makes brewing up your favourite Asami tea simple.


    To care for this all natural serving utensil, hand wash the spoon in warm water, dry and rub lightly with oil.

    • Highlight

      One scoop of loose tea is the perfect measure for one cup of Asami tea.

    • Origin


    • Materials

      Wild olive wood, cow bone

    • Size

      6.5"L x 1.5"W


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