First Hand Account

Updated: Jun 11

'Ash Loves Tea' is a blog penned by tea enthusiast, Ashley Arnez. She has a passion for tea and recently gave an account to some of our tea blends. Below is the feedback from her blog and breakdown of what she tried. Our hope is that her tasting notes will help educate and inspire your tea purchase from ASAMI. Please visit her blog here and connect with this exceptional young lady. Thank you Ash!

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Currently Steeping: African Teas from Asami Asami is an online tea retailer that specializes in African teas. They feature single-origin African teas and tea blends, which include ingredients sourced from Africa. In addition, each tea is named to pay reverence to the continent and African culture. The company has a combination of loose leaf and tea bags. The company graciously asked if I’d like to sample a selection of their teas. I sampled five teas from Asami: Serengeti Spice, Mombasa Island, Casablanca Mint, Zimbabwe Hearts, and Rwandan Black. Please see my tasting notes below.