ASAMI - Speciality TEA -Special Satemwa Harvest


From our partners in Malawi

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100's of
health benefits
in every cup.


Asami combines tea and functional herbs based on African traditions which are known to be functional, beneficial, and great tasting.


Asami specialty teas are specifically curated to support overall wellness.


Our adaptogenic tea blends aid in healthy routine, help with inflammation, healthy digestion, and cleansing, manage energy level to include aid in sleep, release stress, and empower your day.

ASAMI - Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

Ethically sourced and grown solely on the African soil, blended and packaged to the highest international standards.

ASAMI - Our Values

Our Values

Commitment to nature, respect for people, communities and cultures.

ASAMI TEA SHOP - Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Give back and give thanks positively impacting African farmers and artisans.

Our Partners

We are on a mission to build a marketplace for small farmers. Creating and building an alternative market place for African Farmers since 2016

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